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Morino S.r.l. has been aiming for more than thirty years to solve the problems related to the correct maintenance of the inside of silos, that is emptying services, internal cleaning, recovery and blockage-clearing of silos, operating in total safety, from the outside and with safe technology.

All our equipment is mainly supplied by compressed air which powers our particular devices for fluidizing and breaking down the material stored inside the silos.

The removal of the material can take place by your normal transport means present in the production plant or alternatively by our 14/22 m3 of capacity suction units.

Our interventions are aimed at large and small silos (from 50 up to 35,000 tons) and the types of materials can be extremely different (cement, raw materials from the cement industry, clinker, soda, fly ash, sugar, cereals, flours, etc.) demonstrating an extensive application area.

Furthermore, all operations are carried out by our specialized personnel, with considerable experience and trusted, fully trained and informed about the risks, guided by a technical staff who follows up every phase of the intervention under the supervision of your Technical Management, thus guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

We resolve all types of encrustations and obstructions in silos, restoring the normal flow of materials inside them. In fact, thanks to our patented method we guarantee the reacquisition of 100% of storage capacity. We have solutions for every type of silo and product inside it. We can clean silos of any shape (hoppers, conical bottom silos, flat bottom silos, etc.) and size (as mentioned before, even up to 35,000 tons).

Depending on the hardness of your material we guarantee you an economical solution for every type of need. Furthermore, in certain cases, our service, precisely because of its method of execution, makes cleaning possible without production stops.

Our system has been appropriately designed to significantly reduce processing times compared to traditionally adopted systems.

We guarantee the absence of human presence inside the silo, until the latter has been brought to a high level of safety. Most obstructions are also resolved with our remote cleaning equipment which, in addition to having optimal performance, prevent any risk of accident. Our machinery is controlled by qualified personnel who always remain in a safety position outside the silos for risky operations, such as cleaning the inner walls.


In addition, Morino S.r.l. has at his disposal a good number of modern and technologically advanced dust vacuum-cleaning units. They are installed mainly on Mercedes and MAN trucks and equipped with lobe pumps, filters, a re-launch compressor, with a bottom that can be totally opened during the discharge of higher dimension vacuum-cleaned material to the ground.

These big units can vacuum-clean even high specific gravity and dimensional materials, such as sediments, inert dusts, or granular materials from a 100 m distance. We use large diameter suction pipes (up to 200 mm) for vacuum-cleaning efficiently great quantities of materials in a very short time.
In addition, our units can discharge vacuum-cleaned material on the ground or, in the case of industrial dusts, re-launch it with a capacity of 30-40 ml.
It is also possible discharging vacuum-cleaned material into big bags.


Morino S.r.l. stands for safety, an indispensable value. This is why the service offered is completely safe, from the outside of the silo, using a system that eliminates any risk for operators. Morino S.r.l. employ fully trained and informed technicians, working in full compliance with all current safety legislations, and provided with all the necessary PPE. They are also dressed alike, so they are immediately recognizable on site.

Worked hours in the last three-year period concluded (2021-2023)
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