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Morino S.r.l. offers specialized suction services for aggregates, industrial dust, sediments, debris, granular materials, processing residues for industries in various sectors, such as cement, steel, etc. through the use of large latest generation suction units. With our vehicles it is possible to tip it to the ground in a suitable site or to transfer it into big bags.

The considerable size of the vehicles used by Morino S.r.l. and their high suction potential allow all jobs to be carried out in a very short time compared to traditional methods. Furthermore, the considerable capacity of the tank allows a reduced number of movements during the unloading cycles and therefore the teams in charge of maintenance can get into action more quickly, thus obtaining very short downtimes in the production cycles. The company operates throughout Italy with rapid response times.

The suction and emptying services are related to:

  • Silos, hoppers, bulk storage facilities
  • Pits
  • Tanks
  • Overhead cranes
  • etc.

Our suction and pressing units are able to blow the material, for example in order to move it into other silos or tanks, at different heights and for different specific weights.