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The company Morino S.r.l. was founded in 1991 by a group of technicians with proven experience and has always worked in the field of industrial cleaning for large and medium Companies working in various Italian industries. The company originates as a part of Aspirazioni Polveri S.a.s. di Morino Decimo & Co., involved in clean-out and industrial dust suction, to initially provide a diversification of the service.

Actually, in 1984, the Company has already purchased the first powder and granular material suction unit made in Italy and installed on a semitrailer, whose brand was “Moro”. However, such machine is not enough to empty the silos. The problem that immediately emerges from such specific working process is the “securing”, that is the reduction of the bulk material deposited on the wall, in order to restore the normal flow of material by means of the extraction plants of the client. Therefore the suction unit would be used solely for the purpose of cleaning the bottom.

Therefore, the Company undertakes an innovative activity – almost unknown in Italy, that is the technical cleaning and emptying of large and small storage silos through the design of a specific system powered by high-pressure compressors, and proposes customized solutions embracing each problem.

At the beginning, the Company devotes all of its resources to the cement Industry, having business connections with the biggest groups in the National territory.

Morino S.r.l. has invested significant resources in order to be able to perform these operations in a safe manner, employing an operator outside the structure, at the lowest cost as possible. This way, it has created a solid experience that initially has allowed the Company to be the first of its kind and then, has turned it into an Italian leading Firm.

After a careful adaptation of the system, Morino S.r.l. expands its range by enlarging its customer portfolio, becoming able to offer the same service, in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, to Companies belonging to various Industries, from food to pharmaceutical, etc.

In 2011, the year of its 20th anniversary, the Company incorporates Spirotech S.n.c., that had been a leading Company in the field of industrial cleaning services for several years.

Today the company boasts several teams operating autonomously across the Italian peninsula, as well as a large fleet of vehicles whose suction units have turned Morino S.r.l into the largest Company in Italy in the Industrial cleaning category.

Out of curiosity…

On the occasion of the merger with Spirotech, the Company has launched a competition for the design of its new logo, in order to renew its image in the perspective of the occurred organizational change, and to convey the idea of a constantly evolving Company. Several artists from all over the world has attended the competition, with a total of 195 logo projects. The result is our current logo which has been designed by the Belgian artist Bart Daems and that you can see on our website.