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Our Indoor Air Quality division offers the cleaning and sanitization service of aeraulic ducts in air conditioning systems. Among our Italian customers we can mention – by way of example – Sagat SpA (Società Autostrade), Azienda Sanitaria Ospedaliera Ospedaliera Santa Croce e Carle of Cuneo and ASL TO2 of Turin.

Deterioration of air conditioning ducts is a common problem in all air conditioning systems. This means that the air we breathe is no longer the same as in a new system, due to the formation of bacterial and fungal colonies that are created over time and wear of the system.

Some of these organisms can in fact carry with them diseases that can prove fatal in individuals at risk. So prevention once again proves to be the best cure.

The solution to prevent the inconveniences that can arise from a poor hygienic condition of the air ducts is precisely the cleaning of the aeraulic system using special systems.

The cleaning of aeraulic ducts is in fact essential to sanitize and therefore bring the microbiological values back to a condition within the normal limits; furthermore, by cleaning the air ducts, the inevitable accumulation of particulate matter inside the ventilation system is removed, thus making the system healthier and the air we breathe every day more liveable.

Morino S.r.l. offers its service for any structure equipped with an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. And it does so by also offering instrumental predictive monitoring such as video-inspection of air ducts and the taking of samples for chemical and bacteriological analyses.