Unità aspiranteIn addition, Morino S.r.l. has at his disposal a good number of modern and technologically advanced dust vacuum-cleaning units. They are all Euro 3 / Euro 5, installed mainly on Mercedes trucks and equipped with lobe pumps, filters, a re-launch compressor, with a bottom that can be totally opened during the discharge of higher dimension vacuum-cleaned material to the ground.

These big units can vacuum-clean even high specific gravity and dimensional materials, such as sediments, inert dusts, or granular materials from a 100 m distance. We use large diameter suction pipes ( up to 200 mm)  for vacuum-cleaning efficiently great quantities of materials in a very short time.

In addition, our units can discharge vacuum-cleaned material on the ground or, in the case of industrial dusts, re-launch it with a capacity of 30-40 ml.

It is also possible discharging vacuum-cleaned material into big bags in order to re-work it in appropriate crusher we installed in all our machines.

Cleaning and Emptying Silos


Morino S.r.l. is a bulk storage removal/clean-out company that has serviced the needs of the largest cement industries for more than twenty years. Our service is applicable to any type of silo and product inside and is performed throughout Europe and abroad.

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Safety in Silo Cleaning

Morino S.r.l. uses a system that avoids workers entering the silo during cleaning procedures.

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View Photos of Silo Cleaning Service

View photos of some works we performed.

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