The remarkable versatility of our system enables us to clean out a wide range of materials from many kinds of silos.

Index of various types of stored materials: 
  • Cement
  • Raw materials for cement
  • Clinker
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Fly Ash
  • Animal Feed
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Cereals
  • Cocoa
  • Powdered Milk
  • Soybean
  • Maize
  • Colza Seeds
  • Calcium Sulphate
  • Coal
  • Clay
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Salt
  • Soda
  • Glass Batch
  • Talcum Powder
  • etc.
Types of Industries:
  • Cement Factory
  • Steel Mill
  • Foundry
  • Thermal and Thermoelectric power plants
  • Glassworks
  • Mines and Quarry
  • Coke Industry
  • Waste-to-Energy Plants
  • Lime Industry
  • Plaster industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Grinding Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
  • Industrial Boiler Cleaning Service
  • etc.
Types of silo (Building Materials): 
  • Concrete Stave Silo
  • Metal Silo
Typology of silo (Shape of silo): 
  • Conic Bottom Silo
  • Flat Bottom Silo
  • Silo of different shapes
  • All typologies of Silo with or without unloader
  • Hoppers
Capacity, Dimension, Size of  Silos: 
  • Up to 35,000 ton Capacity
  • Any Height and Diameter
Cleaning and Emptying Silos


Morino S.r.l. is a bulk storage removal/clean-out company that has serviced the needs of the largest cement industries for more than twenty years. Our service is applicable to any type of silo and product inside and is performed throughout Europe and abroad.

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Safety in Silo Cleaning

Morino S.r.l. uses a system that avoids workers entering the silo during cleaning procedures.

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View Photos of Silo Cleaning Service

View photos of some works we performed.

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