MORINO srl provides a specialized silo cleaning service that is:
  • Efficient because we can clear build-up and blockages of many different types restoring a normal flow of materials inside silo. In fact, our registered removal/clean-out service allows you to regain 100% storage capacity. Additionally we do not have limits about types of material in storage: we offer solutions for any type of silo and material. We can clean out any shape (hoppers, conic bottom silos, flat bottom silos, etc.) and size silo (over 35'000 ton).
  • Cost-Effective because we offer a number of cheap different solutions to fit your problem, no matter what the hardness of the material is. In many cases our costumers are able to continue utilizing their silos while we clean them.
  • Quick because our method has been conveniently conceived to minimize down time.
  • Safe because no worker enters the silo until it reaches an adequate level of safety. Once our system is installed, it can be easily moved from outside thus preventing possible accidents. Our machineries are controlled by trained workers that always remain in safety position on slab when cleaning up silo walls.
Efficient, Cost-Effective, Quick and Safe Silo Cleaning
Cleaning and Emptying Silos


Morino S.r.l. is a bulk storage removal/clean-out company that has serviced the needs of the largest cement industries for more than twenty years. Our service is applicable to any type of silo and product inside and is performed throughout Europe and abroad.

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Safety in Silo Cleaning

Morino S.r.l. uses a system that avoids workers entering the silo during cleaning procedures.

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View Photos of Silo Cleaning Service

View photos of some works we performed.

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